Costa Rica selfie 🙂
One of my fave pics from Costa Rica! My sweet kids and bestie B.
My love.
He hot.
Wedding pics.

hi, i’m shannie! forever a dreamer and starry-eyed believer, living as a creative entrepreneur and yoga teacher in the great American West. I believe in wishes on stars, crazy dreams, and impossible things…

i grew up in the most amazing family. I have nine siblings! it was crazy a lot of the time but we all love each other a lot and my siblings are definitively my best friends in the world.

i’m 25 and married to my best friend, jordan. we met while I was teaching english in costa rica. and by that i mean we met online. yes, i did the online thing and it worked. I found the love of my life! we talked for a month and when i got home we started dating and were engaged three weeks later. a lot of people said it was crazy. and maybe it was. but i like crazy and i love him more than anything.

so what do i do? a lot of things. the short version is this: i write this blog, i teach yoga and i’m in the process of starting my very own studio, i own and run a clothing brand called the darling romantics (coming soon!), i design fun things (coming soon!), and i encourage dreamers, visionaries and risk takers over at the dream scripts.

thanks for stopping by! i hope you enjoy and thanks so much for reading and following along.