what i love about jordan

I have a journal and every time I discover something I admire or love about Jordan, I write it down. I started this about a month ago and it really helps me appreciate the man I married even more. Every time I add something, I smile because I’m so lucky, so blessed.

Here’s what I have so far:

HE’S RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING. Gorgeous. Hot. Dreamy. Fine. Manly. Handsome. And all the words to describe an attractive man.

HE IS SELFLESS. When we were dating, Jordan got some bad news from back home, It was 10 PM in California and he was a wreck. But Jordan did something amazing. He noticed a homeless man sitting near by, He walked over to that person, gave him some money, and had a conversation with him. How cool is that? He was distraught over some bad news from home and yet he still found it in himself to go out of his way to help someone else. If I had been in his shoes, I would have been so selfish. I wouldn’t have thought of anyone else.

HIS VOICE. Jordan has a song in his heart wherever he goes. He’s always singing! The store, the shower, public restrooms… back before we met in person he would always sing to me and I was always so amazed and fell in love with his love of singing. He is so talented and I know he’s going to go far with that talent.

HIS LOVE. When Jordan loves, he loves deeply and completely. I felt that from him from the first time he told me he loved me. He will go out of his way to prove his love and anything he can to keep you. But you can’t help but stay because he is so very easy to love. šŸ™‚

HE ASKS. Most people don’t ask for what they want, but Jordan does. With a witty comment and that confident smile of his, he can charm his way into getting pretty much whatever he wants. It’s his super power. One of them, anyway.

HE IS SPONTANEOUS. WHen we had been dating for probably a week, I was home with my family because I hadn’t seen them in over three months. Jordan sent me a Snapchat saying he missed me. I sent one back saying I missed him. Next thing I knew he was calling me and asking if he should just come to me. And the whole time he was asking he was already packing his bag. Gosh I love that. And he was with me within four hours. I just love his spontaneity.

HE IS A LEADER. Jordan is a beast. He works so hard and is an amazing example and leader to his team. When the rookies listen to him, the are successful. Jordan has so much knowledge and experience and I really enjoy watching him share it. I keep telling him to write a book because I know people could really learn from him. He has so much to offer.

HE WORKS HARD. Again I say JORDAN IS A BEAST! He works so hard in a very difficult profession. It’s amazing to me how he spends day after day knocking doors, getting rejected and yelled at sometimes. But he shakes it off. He perseveres. And he earns his reward. Jordan started his own solar company and he’s working hard now to earn money for real estate. I hope he’ll start up another business one day because I know he would be so great at it. And I can’t wait to see how far his hard work will take him.

HE LIFTS ME UP. I can almost never be gloomy with the encouragement and praise I receive from him. Last night he showered me with compliments and told me I’m the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. And I know he means it. Sometimes he’ll stare at me in disbelief and wonder. It amazes me because…I’m just little old me. But he calls me an angel. He makes me feel cherished and wanted.

That’s all I have right now. I can’t wait to show him! My plan is to do this every year and give it to him on his birthday.

Anyway, just wanted to share that.


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