It was the middle of the summer in the year 2018 and I was bored. I shouldn’t have been, I was living in a tree house in Costa Rica teaching English to some pretty amazing kids. I was having the time of my life. I didn’t want to go home. But something was missing in my life and I wasn’t sure what it was. I was living out one of my dreams! Living in a foreign country, traveling, making friends and making some of the best memories of my life. How could I be having these feelings?

Well, one day my friend, my sister, and I decided to get on a dating app.
We set our locations for where we would be living when we got home and for me that was northern Utah. We weren’t looking for a relationship or anything, this was purely for fun. And it was! Dating apps can be pretty entertaining and I found myself having a lot of fun.

While sorting through guys one day (haha, that sounds so bad), this cutie popped up on my screen. I swiped right (that means you like them), and to my complete surprise, we matched. He had already swiped yes on me.

Not long after, I got a message from him saying he had added me on Snapchat (I usually talked to guys on there because it was easier). THEN I got a chat from him on Snapchat. He sent a waving emoji. I replied and we talked for a bit.

He was so impressive. He didn’t ask what other guys asked. He didn’t ask for pictures and send mocho photos, we actually talked.

He told me about how he had started a business and he was currently doing network marketing and helping others start businesses. He was just so real, so different, so educated. He wanted to go somewhere in life. He offered to help me start my business. Who does that?!

He asked about where I was living and so I made him a very detailed and thought out video tour and sent it to him only to be disappointed because he didn’t reply. Not for another week anyway.

I was bummed but used to that sort of thing. I never seemed to get anywhere with guys I was interested in. So, I continued talking to other guys but wasn’t finding anything even comparable with the short and impressionable interaction I had had with Jordan.

A week went by and I was scrolling through Snapchat stories. There it was, Jordan’s story. I clicked into it. He was with his family, celebrating a birthday. And then he started to sing and I smiled. He could sing too! His voice was amazing and my heart sank just a little and I figured I should probably delete him from Snapchat. There was no not to if he wasn’t interested.

I ended up posting to my own story soon after that. A beach selfie and some videos I had made with the kids. In the videos I was brainwashing the kids into saying I was their favorite. I would tell them to say, “Teacher Shantell is my favorite!” One kid, however, Mathias, would say, “Teacher Shantell is NOT my favorite.”

Later that night while watching a movie with some of the other volunteers, I received a chat in Snapchat. I was so surprised that it was Jordan and even more surprised that he had replied to my beach selfie.

“You’re like a model.”

And after that I found out that he had watched my stories and realized he never replied to my video. So he replied to that and ever since then we talked. For three more weeks. At the end of July he invited me to meet him Yosemite the day after I got back to the states. And I said yes.

Don’t know why this is sideways but one of my kids drew this. All the kids knew I liked Jordan. We spent the first few minutes of class sometimes talking about crushes, haha.

Everyone thought it was crazy. His family, my family, my friends. But I just knew that I was supposed to do it. I was supposed to get off an airplane in Las Vegas and drive another eight hours to meet him. And I did. And I’ve been with him ever since.

A few days before I left Costa Rica, we spent the whole night talking. He had watched a scary movie and was kind of freaked out so I was trying to calm him down. After talking for a few hours, almost out of nowhere, Jordan said, “I love you, Shantell.” Without even missing a beat, I replied, “I love you too.”

I know that sounds insane but it happened and I have never felt more peace in my entire life. I loved him. This guy I’d only spoke to on the phone for not even a month at the time, I loved him.

I still remember driving into the parking lot in Yosemite and the first thing I saw was him, running into the parking lot because he felt like I was there. That’s what he told me. He felt like I was close.

I spent 3 days in Yosemite with him, his brother and sister-in-law, and his mom. We went on the longest, hardest hike of my life. I got sick, I was on my period, the hike was killing me but… I still had a great time. We hiked to the top of Half Dome and that’s where he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was blown away. We just met! But I knew him.

We continued dating and marriage came up really fast. I remember telling him, “I hope I marry you.”

Three weeks from the day we met in person, he asked me to marry him.

He got me the most beautiful, unique ring.

I didn’t see it coming at all. I knew he was going to propose, but he led me to believe it would be a few months down the road. SO he tricked me one night. He told me we were going to a karaoke work party thing but actually he was proposing to me. I thought he was just being cheesey when he got up there for karaoke and sang “A Million Dreams” to me, but he was actually proposing. I wish I could figure out how to add the video because it’s so adorable.

We were married a few months later and I am so happy!

That’s our story. Kinda cheesey, kinda cute, kinda crazy, but it’s my favorite story.

Thanks for reading.



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